“I remember how the atmosphere at Mizzentop was so special. The teachers really cared about us. I really miss that.”
Cailin, Class of 2016

“I love greeting the students in the courtyard as they arrive every morning. Everyone is so happy to be here; the kids are running into the school! It’s amazing.”
Señora Shanahan, Spanish Teacher

“I like science because Mrs. Justo is fun and she likes to explode stuff!!”
Grace and Sarah, Fifth Grade

“We made a glitter bottle today for our peace corner. Peace is one of our Living Values. Sometimes we feel agitated or over excited. When that happens we can go to the peace corner and shake the bottle. Then we watch the glitter slowly move to the bottom. As the glitter settles, so do we.”
Ms. Tobin, First Grade Teacher

“I'm painting a spaceship!”
Miles, Senior Pre-Kindergarten

“Math today was awesome. Mrs. Shultz creates an environment that makes it easy to learn Algebra.”
Liam, 8th Grade

“I love lunch here because Chef Lucas cooks all kinds of exotic foods for us to try. Plus Mrs. Justo plays Trivia Pursuit with us after we're done! ”
Olivia, 6th Grade

“After lunch I have math and a special - either music or art. It’s my favorite time of day because we're beginning to work on our self-portraits!”
Tara, 8th Grade

“The JV soccer team has a game against Rumsey today...wish us luck!”
Kevin, 7th Grade

“Our Digital Coding Club is the best part of my day! Today we're learning how to program in JavaScript so that we can design our own games!”
Mr. Kanouse, Technology Director