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A Message from Laura Kang
Laura Kang
Head of School
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What Your Head of School is Thankful For

It’s important as we enter this busy holiday season to take a moment to acknowledge and express gratitude.  As Head of School, I am…

Mizzentop Day School
One of my greatest joys as Head of School is to see the excitement and anticipation in every student’s eyes at morning drop off. Words spill out as I help them out of their cars with their backpacks.

“I’m so excited to present my dinosaur project today!”

“I can’t wait until my middle school buddy class comes to visit! We’re going to read together.”

“I figured out the Problem of the Week!”

“Today I have computer class - I get to do some coding!”

I love that they are engaged and ready. Mizzentop has a tangible spirit and energy. The students are proud of where they go and what they’re accomplishing. And all of this accomplishment occurs in a place that teaches children to be kind, respectful and thoughtful.

We are the only Pre-K -8th grade school in the entire nation actively teaching the Living Values Educational Program across all grade levels. Teachers weave these values into the students’ weekly learning with hands-on activities, teachable moments, and special projects. Our teachers are trained in a behavioral coaching method known as STET, or Systematic Techniques for Effective Teaching. We find ways to help children.

Our graduates are sought after by excellent secondary schools. Our culture of high achievement is supported by a family-like, low stress climate. As one student said, “Mizzentop is exciting but calm.” This is a difficult balance to achieve, and our teachers are masterful at it.

To learn more about our living values, our academics, athletics, arts, Spanish, technology, integrated curriculum, digital coding beginning in Kindergarten, small class sizes and more, I invite you to visit. It is only by meeting us that you can experience our vibrant, welcoming community and what it has to offer your child. Please click here to schedule a visit. I very much look forward to meeting you and your child!